Prof. Dr. Thorsten Koch

Projects as a project leader

  • MI-AP10

    Centralized Respository for Test Data

    Prof. Dr. Thorsten Koch

    Project heads: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Koch
    Project members: -
    Duration: 01.10.2014 - 30.06.2018
    Status: running
    Located at: Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin


    The subproject Z02 aims for a central database of realistic gas network data in standardized formats, and providing interfaces to allow an easy access to the data. This common data standard and common pool of test data drive the workflow and cooperation of all subprojects. A gas network is described by many parameters. Experiences show that it is a very hard task to generate realistic data for gas networks with no access to real data of existing networks.This subproject cooperates with the biggest German network operator, Open Grid Europe GmbH, to compile test data from real gas network data. The generated test data will extend the existing GasLib library for stationary networks. This database relieves other subprojects from generating their own test data, and provides common test cases for them. So, different subprojects can compare their results more easily, since they use the same underlying data. One focus of the subproject Z02 is to standardize the data formats used, and to provide interfaces to them.This interfaces ease the data access for others. The usage of the same data structure throughout the different subprojects leads to more compatible programs and an easier cooperation. The overall goal of the subproject Z02 is to compile a selection of data sets, which can be used to run different demonstration scenarios. The data sets and their descriptions will be published, such that transparency and reproducibility of the results are assured.