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Our Services

Keeping in touch with the scientific state of the art

Exchange of ideas
Discuss your R&D problems with us and what our expertise may contribute to their solution.
Get to know us personally: we would like to invite you, we would be glad to visit you.

R&D workshops
Search together with Matheon scientists for new approaches to your R&D problems.

Advanced training courses related your R&D topics
Matheon scientists present the scientific state of the art in a "user-friendly" manner.

Application-driven research

Matheon-supported projects
Financed by the DFG, about 60 scientists work on fundamental problems arising in key technologies.

Industrial cooperation
Financed by our industrial partners, numerous scientists work on problems formulated together with our partner R&D research units, partially with additional support from DFG, BMBF, EU, ...

The Matheon internship program

Supervision of internships for talented students by Matheon scientists
Talented students work in your company on mathematics-related projects during a 4-month internship, closely supervised by a Matheon scientist.

Benefit from our software and patents

Using our software products
Many of our new methods are available as software, with a maturity ranging from research code to commercially distributed software packages.

Applying our patents
Some of our new methods have been patented and are ready for use in your company.

Collaborating with Matheon-associated spin-offs

Mature innovative solutions, maintenance and support
After reaching a sufficient degree of maturity, some of the methods and solutions developed by our scientists are commercialized by means of spin-off companies, which can also guarantee future maintenance and support for our products.

Recruitment assistance

Post your offer in our job market
Together with the Institute of Mathematics of TU Berlin, we offer you a platform to search specifically for young talent with a strong background in mathematics.

Advancement of young talent

Inspiring youth for mathematics and engineering
We are active in this field with various successful programs in schools and in public, like the famous "Mathe-Adventskalender" (Math Advent Calendar). Your support is welcome.

Improved mathematics education in schools
Several activities within Matheon focus on an improved and more vivid presentation of mathematics in schools.

Improved mathematics education in engineering studies
The progress of mathematics and engineering in the last decades has been immense. We work on the challenge of keeping the mathematics education of engineers up-to-date.

The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) for excellent graduates in math
Many Matheon scientists are actively involved in the BMS graduate school. BMS is a joint project of the mathematics departments of the TU Berlin, FU Berlin and HU Berlin and obtains major funding in the framework of the German "Excellence Initiative".