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Running projects

Project Title Project heads Details
F-AP1 Discrete geometric structures motivated by applications in architecture Prof. Alexander I. Bobenko Details / Website
F-AP11 Transfer of research prototypes to the commercial visualization systems Amira and Avizo Dr. Steffen Prohaska Details / Website
F-AP13 Low-Dimensional Models for Complex Structured Data Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok Details / Website
F-AP14 Modeling Synaptic Connectivity in Anatomically Realistic Neural Networks Hon Prof. Hans-Christian Hege Details / Website
F-AP15 Geometrical and topological microstructure analysis of metal and steel grains PD Dr. Frank Lutz / Prof. Dr. Boris Springborn Details / Website
F-AP16 Computational and structural aspects of point set surfaces Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier Details / Website
F-AP17 Machine Learning Approaches for Enhanced, Shape Model Based 3D Image Segmentation Dr. Hans Lamecker / Dr. Stefan Zachow Details / Website
F-AP18 TOKMIS – Treating Osteoarthritis in Knee with Mimicked Interpositional Spacer Dr. Stefan Zachow Details / Website
F-AP5 Geometric Constraints for Polytopes Raman Sanyal / Prof. Günter Ziegler Details / Website
F-AP6 Dynamic Multi-modal Knee Joint Registration for the Analysis of Knee Laxity Rainald Ehrig / Dr. Stefan Zachow Details / Website
F-AP8 In vivo and in silico analyses in humans: Cartilage loading of patients' individual knees - the role of soft tissue structures Hon Prof. Hans-Christian Hege / Dr. Martin Weiser Details / Website
F-AP9 Analysis and quantification of morphological and structural changes in cartilage Dr. Stefan Zachow Details / Website