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Alexander von Humboldt Lecture
Prof. Dr. Charles Elliott University of Warwick Alexander von Humboldt Laureate 2010/20011 Evolving surface finite element method
Charles M. Elliott gained worldwide reputation for his outstanding contributions to the numerical analysis of nonlinear partial differen- tial equations. He proved first existence and uniqueness results, developed and analyzed new numerical schemes and also applied his theoretical results to practically relevant problems from material Science, fluid dynamics, theoretical biology and others.

In this talk he will discuss surface finite elements in the context of solving surface partial differential equations and surface evolution problems. An error analysis for approximating advection diffusion equations on evolving surfaces will be presented. Motivating applications are surfactant trans- port on fluid interfaces, phase separation on dissolving alloy surfaces and two phase bio- membranes.

Monday, 18.10.2010
Lecture Hall ,
17h c.t.
Zuse Institute Berlin Takustr.7,
14195 Berlin
Special Guest Lectures 2010 11.10.2010
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STAMM 2010 International Symposium on Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics 30.08.2010
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